What is Step Down Transformer and its Working

Benefits of Step Down Transformer. As we all know about the problem of voltage fluctuation it is due to the irregular supply of electricity. And due to this problem our electrical and electronic items get affected and get damaged. Step Down Transformers are used to control the irregular fluctuation in the Voltage. It can convert the High voltage to the low Voltage and vise versa. Due to this our Electrical items did not get damaged and get more secure.

Step Down transformer defination

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What is Step Down Transformer

Definition: In Simple words we can say that in Step Down Transformer the secondary voltage is less than the primary voltage. or the output is less than input voltage. so due to this it helps to maintain the flow of voltage. And the number of turns in input voltage is greater than the number of turns in output voltage. i.e., T2<T1.

Why Step Down Transformer and Benefits of using Step Down Transformer : To convert the high primary voltage to low secondary voltage. As in Step Down Transformer the primary winding of a coil has more turns than the secondary winding. Due to this it is capable to adjust the flow of voltage. And when voltage decreases in step down transformers the current is automatically increases. And if voltage is cut in half then the current become doubles. In other words we can say that the power equals voltage times current. And Step Down Transformer transfers the power from primary coil to the secondary coil. And when Transformer increases voltage, it decreases current.

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